You can change the following values in Settings (Preferences):

  • Appearance - sets the user interface colors to System, Light or Dark colors. The System option means using the System Settings Appearance option to choose between Light and Dark colors. (only available in macOS 10.14 Mojave)
  • Canvas Backdrop - sets the canvas backdrop color under the document.
  • Show easing names in the timeline - select this to see easing names in the timeline.
  • Automatically locate objects in lists - if enabled, selecting an object will scroll the Object Tree and Timeline to show the selected object.
  • Object Tree Location - selects where the Object Tree is shown in the User Interface.

  • Nudge Distance - sets the distance to move an object or node when the arrow keys are pressed.
  • Nudge Large Distance - sets the distance to move an object or node when the Shift key is held down and the arrow keys are pressed.
  • Constrain Angle - sets the angle to rotate an object when the Shift key is held down and the Transform tool is used for rotation.

  • Use the Space key to play and pause - if enabled, then a quick press of the Space key plays and pauses the animation.
  • Copy SVG code to clipboard - if enabled, then copying an object will also copy it to the clipboard as SVG code. This is a useful when you want to copy objects to a text editor for manual editing. Note that this option may slow down copy-pasting.
  • Auto Recovery - sets how often an auto recovery file is saved.

  • Persistent permission to access folders - grants the application persistent permission to access all the folders in this list. For security reason, the Keyshape app is sandboxed, which means that it cannot access files and folders without your permission. When linked images are loaded from the file system, you are asked to allow access to their folders. This can be laboursome when working with many documents with linked images. Adding a folder to this list will grant a permanent access to the folder and its subfolders and files, so there is no need to allow access every time you open documents with linked images. Only add project folders here, so that the rest of the file system is still protected.