Create animated 2D vector graphics

Keyshape Screenshot

Keyshape Screenshot

Vector Drawing

Draw resolution independent 2D vector graphics.

  • Path editing
  • Text-on-path
  • Color swatches
  • Gradients
  • Symbols
  • Bitmap images
  • Grids and guides


Animate spinners, progress indicators, splash screens, and motion graphics.

  • Keyframe based animations
  • Easings
  • Auto-keyframing
  • Time markers


Add simple interactivity to make animations more interesting.

  • Start SVG animations on click or on pointer enter
  • Start SVG animations when scrolled into view
  • Hyperlinking


Export the same animation to multiple file formats.

  • SVG Animations for web pages
  • Animated GIFs, PNGs and WebPs
  • MPEG-4 movies for YouTube and other video sites
  • Image sequences and sprite sheets for games
  • Lottie animations for native Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and React Native apps*
  • Animated vector drawables for native Android apps*

* available as a plugin


Import graphics created in other tools.

  • Open SVG files exported from Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or Figma
  • Open existing Lottie animations for editing (only limited support for Lottie features)

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