Create animated vector graphics

Keyshape Screenshot

Keyshape Screenshot

Keyshape Animation Tool

Keyshape is a 2D vector graphics and animation software.

It combines drawing tools with animation tools in a single application.

Animate The Web and Apps

Create animated icons.

Design animations for micro-interactions, such as checkboxes and radio buttons.

Create motion graphics for splash screens, onboarding, progress indicators, and more.

Feature Highlights

Draw vector graphics with standard vector tools.

Create timeline-based animations with keyframes.

Preview on web browsers.

Export to multiple formats.

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System Requirements

Keyshape requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later.

Export Animations for Multiple Platforms

  • SVG for web pages
  • Lottie animations for native Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and React Native apps*
  • Animated vector drawables for native Android apps*
  • Animated GIFs for social media sites
  • Animated PNG and WebP images
  • MPEG-4 movies for YouTube and other video sites

* available as a plugin

Import Graphics

  • Open SVG files exported from Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator or Sketch
  • Open existing Lottie animations for editing

Examples created with Keyshape

SVG with CSS Animations

Animated sunshine and rainAnimated speech bubblesAnimated heart

SVG with JavaScript Animations

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