Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help you to work more efficiently.

For some keyboard layouts, the operating system may automatically map shortcuts to more ergonomic key combinations. See the actual app menu bar to see them.

Note: It is possible to change the Space key to play and pause in the Settings.

General Commands

Keyboard shortcutFunction
Command+NCreate a new document
Command+OOpen a document
Command+SSave the document
Command+Shift+SSave the document with another name
Command+Option+PDisplay document properties in the Property Panel
Command+ReturnPreview in browser
Command+EExport the document
Command+WClose the document
Command+QQuit the application
Command+?Open Keyshape help


Keyboard shortcutFunction
VActivate the Selection tool
AActivate the Node tool
FActivate the Transform tool
PActivate the Pen tool
NActivate the Pencil tool
RActivate the Rectangle tool
EActivate the Ellipse tool
TActivate the Text tool
IActivate the Eye Dropper tool
HActivate the Hand tool
ZActivate the Zoom tool
EscCancel tool action or clear selections


Keyboard shortcutFunction
Arrow keysMove objects or nodes
Shift+Arrow keysMove objects or nodes by a large distance
Option+Arrow keysMove objects or nodes by a small distance
Command+Shift+Z or Command+YRedo
Command+Shift+VPaste Style
Command+ASelect all
Command+Shift+ADeselect all
Delete or BackspaceDelete selected objects


Keyboard shortcutFunction
Command+GGroup selected objects
Command+Shift+GUngroup selected objects
Command+Up ArrowBring forward
Command+Shift+Up ArrowBring to front
Command+Down ArrowSend backward
Command+Shift+Down ArrowSend to back


Keyboard shortcutFunction
QToggle Auto-Keyframing
Shift+LLoop Playback
,Go to Previous Frame
.Go to Next Frame
Shift+,Go 10 Frames Back
Shift+.Go 10 Frames Forward
Option+,Go to Previous Keyframe
Option+.Go to Next Keyframe
Command+Option+,Go to Previous Time Marker
Command+Option+.Go to Next Time Marker
Shift+Option+,Go to Timeline Start
Shift+Option+.Go to Timeline End
Command+Option+IMark Play Range In
Command+Option+OMark Play Range Out
Shift+MAdd Time Marker
Command+Shift+MEdit Time Markers
Shift+SToggle Timeline Snap to Keyframes


Keyboard shortcutFunction
Command+Option+YOutline view
Command++ (plus)Zoom in
Command+- (minus)Zoom out
Command+0Zoom to 100%
Command+9Zoom to Fit
Command+8Zoom to Selection
Command+RShow Rulers
Command+'Show Grids
Command+;Show Guides
Command+Option+;Lock Guides
Command+Option+SShow Document Scripts
Mouse Wheel or Shift+Mouse WheelPan the canvas
Option+Mouse WheelZoom in or out