Plugins can be used to extend Keyshape with new import and export file formats. Import file formats give the ability to open new file formats. Export file formats give the ability to export new file formats.

To see the list of available plugins, press the Get Plugins... button in the Manage Plugins dialog or open the Keyshape plugins web page in a web browser.

Installing Plugins

Keyshape plugins have the file extension .keyshapeplugin and they can be installed by double-clicking them.

After installation, new import file formats can be opened with the File > Open menu command. Export plugins make their file formats available in the Export dialog.

Updating, Disabling and Uninstalling Plugins

Updates to plugins can be installed by double-clicking the .keyshapeplugin file containing the new plugin version. Installing an update will override the old version. Currently, only manual plugin updates are supported.

Plugins can be disabled or uninstalled in the Manage Plugins dialog. Choose the Keyshape > Manage Plugins... menu command to open the dialog. The Manage Plugins dialog shows all installed plugins and details about them.