Keyshape Release Notes

Version 1.8.1

  • Stability and bug fixes

Version 1.8.0

  • Added support for Dark Mode (requires macOS Mojave)
  • Added option to export embedded or external KeyshapeJS library
  • Added a public API to the KeyshapeJS library
  • Added an SVG export option to write filters as SVG 1.1 filters
  • Added the Constrain Angle preferences option
  • Added a Preferences option to automatically locate objects
  • Added the Go To menu and shortcut keys to move the Playhead
  • Added canvas backdrop color
  • Added support for alpha masks
  • Changed the left side pane to be resizable
  • Changed the color popover hex field to accept basic CSS color values
  • Changed the CSS exporter to use the standard animation shorthand syntax
  • Redesigned some parts of the UI for the dark mode
  • Renamed property “repeating” to property “iteration” and moved it to a popover
  • Fixed checkerboard pattern to be squares
  • Fixed opacity animations not to flash
  • Fixed symbols to render with correct bounding boxes
  • Fixed reading SVG files with simple CSS stylesheets
  • Fixed reading SVG files with percentage stop offsets
  • Fixed exporting fractional document widths and heights
  • Fixed documents to open even if the disk is full
  • Fixed resized bitmap images to export with correct sizes in SVG exports
  • Fixed plugins to be able to set keyframes with custom easings
  • Fixed width and height of images and symbol instances to be animatable
  • Fixed document object animations in SVG exports

Version 1.7.0

  • Added guides
  • Added easing presets
  • Added a preferences option to display easing names in the Timeline
  • Added a document property to toggle responsiveness (the width and height properties in SVGs)
  • Added ordered, diffusion and none dither methods to the animated GIF exporter
  • Added transparency option to the animated GIF exporter
  • Added a File menu item to access document properties
  • Changed keyframe spans to be selectable and draggable
  • Changed selection, rect and ellipse tools to resize around center points when the Option key is down
  • Changed numeric input fields to accept simple math operations (+-*/)
  • Changed the paste command to paste above selected objects in the Object Tree
  • Fixed performance when lots of keyframes are shown in the Timeline
  • Fixed KeyshapeJS zero-length motion paths
  • Fixed symbol instances under clip paths to render correctly
  • Fixed painting the Playhead during keyframe selection
  • Fixed visibility and snapping of grids when they are under symbols
  • Fixed the window title to show the file path of the document
  • Fixed the home tab to show longer filenames

Version 1.6.0

  • Added masking and clipping paths
  • Added play range
  • Added option to export looping SVGs
  • Added time display mode and start frame numbering
  • Added preview functionality for plugins
  • Added size and scale aspect ratio locking
  • Changed Playback Options to Loop Playback
  • Changed delete node to preserve shape when the Alt key is down
  • Changed SVG exporting to replace spaces in ids with dashes
  • Changed the plugin API to have new methods
  • Fixed radius locking when no objects are selected
  • Fixed adding keyframes to correctly split easing functions
  • Fixed KeyshapeJS animations to properly animate scaling from zero

Version 1.5.0

  • Added support for importer and exporter plugins
  • Added ability to open files by dragging them to the main window
  • Changed the export dialog for sprite sheets to show the frame size
  • Fixed SVG exporting to work with duplicate ids

Version 1.4.1

  • Fixed embedded images in SVG sprite sheets
  • Fixed action menu items in the Object Tree and Media Panel
  • Fixed drop shadow color interpolation
  • Fixed KeyshapeJS animations to have the time() function
  • Fixed text tracking and word spacing for text-on-path

Version 1.4.0

  • Added shape animations
  • Added Transparency options
  • Added Playback Options
  • Added Paste Style menu command
  • Added Paste Shape menu command
  • Added support for tracking (letter spacing) and word spacing text properties
  • Changed the Space key to play and pause when pressed quickly
  • Changed to use PostScript font names
  • Changed the timeline scale slider to zoom to the playhead position

Version 1.3.1

  • Added support for symbols
  • Added path start node and direction indicators
  • Added an error message to be shown if invalid SVG is pasted
  • Changed duplicating and pasting objects to rename ids to keep them unique
  • Fixed the Transform section tab order
  • Fixed node nudging to keep the previous node selection

Version 1.2.1

  • Added Auto-Keyframing
  • Added sprite sheet export
  • Added SVG image sequence export
  • Added width and height animation for rectangles
  • Added skew animations
  • Added anchor point animations
  • Changed Preview dropdown to directly show animation formats
  • Changed the document object to be automatically shown for new documents
  • Changed the Filter section to show filter count
  • Changed the order of transform fields to match other popular animation tools
  • Fixed tool shortcuts to work with different keyboard layouts
  • Fixed copying only Y keyframe handle in Graph View
  • Fixed Zoom to Fit to zoom to document bounds
  • Fixed Cancel button to work when adding persistent access to folders

Version 1.1.1

  • Added support for CSS shorthand filters
  • Changed location of the Object Tree to be configurable in Preferences
  • Changed the Timeline to show all objects which have keyframes
  • Fixed dash array separator to be semicolon in all locales
  • Fixed color popover hex value editing

Version 1.0.17

  • Added the Reverse Path menu command
  • Added the Stepped Playback menu item
  • Added persistent folder access preference settings
  • Renamed JavaScript Animation to KeyshapeJS Animation
  • Updated the user interface
  • Fixed setting node types for multiple objects

Version 1.0.16-beta

  • Added aspect ratio locking for the PNG and JPEG formats in the export dialog
  • Fixed motion path repeat to work in the Javascript export
  • Fixed canvas scrollbars to be draggable
  • Fixed alt-duplication to move entire motion paths
  • Fixed converting multiple nodes to symmetric or asymmetric

Version 1.0.15-beta

  • Added settings for preview and compatibility issues
  • Changed the compressed file format to use the zip compression
  • Changed the uncompressed file extension to be .keyshapex
  • Changed browser compatibility warnings to show up in the main window
  • Changed the timeline add keyframe button to be at object lines

Version 1.0.14-beta

  • Added curved motion paths
  • Added the Center Anchor Point menu item
  • Added browser support validation messages to the export dialog
  • Added confirm overwrite dialog to exporting
  • Removed option to save SVG, exporting is now the preferred way to output SVG

Version 1.0.13-beta

  • Fixed adding gradient stops to work in all cases

Version 1.0.12-beta

  • Added the Preview in Browser menu item and shortcut
  • Added support for Touch Bar
  • Changed the Keyshape document namespace
  • Changed the Command key to temporarily disable snapping
  • Changed the timeline not to show the main keyframe line

Version 1.0.11-beta

  • Added saving uncompressed Keyshape documents
  • Added help documentation
  • Changed UI panels to be more consistent

Version 1.0.10-beta

  • Added sharing on Twitter, Facebook and other services
  • Added pinch zooming the document canvas

Version 1.0.9-beta

  • Added JavaScript animation exporting

Version 1.0.8-beta

  • Changed exporting to be simpler
  • Fixed export to write length units for CSS animations

Version 1.0.7-beta

  • Added support for macOS 10.11 El Capitan
  • Added a path length indicator under the Advanced Stroke section

Version 1.0.6-beta

  • Fixed UI components

Version 1.0.5-beta

  • First public beta version