Keyshape is on the Mac App Store!

Keyshape Screenshot

The public beta period is over and Keyshape is available on the Mac App Store. After sleepless nights and hard work, Keyshape is now officially launched!

The Mac App Store version contains user interface improvements. Also, few features were added:

  • Reverse Path will reverse the direction of selected paths. It is useful when creating animated line drawings with dash animations. If the animation direction is wrong, the path can now be reversed.

  • By default, playback runs up to 60 frames per second. Stepped Playback forces playback on the canvas to use the document frame rate. This is useful for those who are creating animated GIFs and videos, because playback on the canvas matches more closely the final exported animation.

More features will be added in the future. They will be free updates and there are no subscription fees.

There was a release almost once a week during the beta period. In the future, the release cycle will be longer, but each release will have more new features and bug fixes. A longer release cycle will give more time to test that nothing gets broken when new features are added.

Huge thanks to all beta testers. Your feedback has been invaluable. Also, thank you for your support. Nothing is more rewarding than finding animations created with Keyshape on the Web. If you used the beta version, then delete it first before purchasing the Mac App Store version to avoid any hiccups during installation.

If you have any questions or comments about Keyshape, then Twitter is the best place to ask them. If you have created animations with Keyshape, then tweet about them. It’s always exciting to see them!

This is only the beginning. Get on board by purchasing Keyshape on the Mac App Store!