Keyshape 1.13 Adds Timeline Snapping

This version adds support for timeline snapping. By default, the playhead and keyframes snap to the frames (small tick marks) in the timeline. That can be disabled so that they can be moved to any time value.

It is also possible to enable keyframe snapping. When enabled, keyframes are snapped to other keyframes. The possible snapping times are shown as small red lines on the timeline.

The shift key can be used to quickly toggle keyframe snapping on or off while dragging keyframes. Also, the shift key enables playhead snapping when the playhead is dragged. The help documentation has more information about the timeline snapping.

Timeline showing red snapping times

This version also adds support for rectangle radius animations. Also, the radius (width and height) of ellipses can be animated.

Animated radius

By default, the linear easing curve is used when new keyframes are added to animations. That can be now changed by modifying the Default Easing value in Document Properties.

Exporting has been improved to create MPEG-4 videos up to 480 fps and image sequences up to 1000 fps.

Note: This version of Keyshape requires macOS 10.14 Mojave or later.