Animated Vector Drawables in Keyshape 1.5

Keyshape 1.5 adds support for plugins and the first one can import and export animated vector drawables.

Creating good looking animations can be very time consuming, so it would be great if the same animation could be exported to all possible animation formats. This version brings extensibility to Keyshape to make it easier to do that. It is now possible to write JavaScript plugins to add importing and exporting capabilities to Keyshape.

The first implemented plugin is an importer and exporter for animated vector drawables. Animated vector drawables can be used in native Androidâ„¢ apps and they contain XML-based animated vector data.

Little green robot

The plugin makes working with animated vector drawables easier in many ways. It is possible to:

  • Preview animated vector drawables
  • Open non-animated vector drawables, animate them and export as animated vector drawables
  • Export the same animation as an animated SVG for web pages and an animated vector drawable for Android apps
  • Convert animated vector drawables to SVGs or animated GIFs

The plugin is open source and can be downloaded from its GitHub home page. Note that it still has some limitations. For instance, support for path trimming (line animations) and clipping paths will be added later. Check the plugin home page for details about other limitations.

The plugin most likely still has some bugs, please open issues in GitHub to report about them.

The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.